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2024 London Marathon & The MEB Foundation

Hi there, my name is Sean. I am a born-and-raised New Yorker and casual running enthusiast. I am proud and excited to relay that I have been given the MEB Foundation’s first and only charity spot to run the London Marathon on April 21, 2024.

My Story

At my first and only marathon to date, the New York City Marathon during my senior year of college, I was lucky enough to be given my finisher’s medal by Meb himself. Luckier still, I have had the opportunity to know Meb since I was a young boy. His talent, work ethic and philanthropic nature are truly inspirational.


The MEB Foundation supports and promotes youth health, education and fitness programs around the world. Access to Health, Education and Fitness have been the cornerstones to Meb's success and he wants these basic opportunities to be available to as many young people as possible. In some communities, there's a lack of resources such as educational materials and shoes to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. The MEB Foundation has distributed school supplies and over 70,000 running shoes to schools and programs in need. In some other communities, the material resources are there, and the MEB Foundation is there to motivate and inspire young people to get the best out of themselves through a healthy and active lifestyle. As a runner, I know firsthand the power of living an active and healthy lifestyle and I am excited to raise funds to help more young people experience this firsthand.


I hope you can support me by donating to the MEB Foundation. Since this is the only charity spot the Foundation has, we are hoping to raise awareness and money which will go directly to support the many great programs the Foundation sponsors.

Clicking the Donate button will take you to a donation form supported by Square

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